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That’s me over there on the far right.  I included this shot mainly because it’s one of the rare occasions that called for a neck tie.  Carolyn is standing next to me as she has for nearly four decades.  That’s also me reading story to our third of seven grandchildren - Emerson.  Noah, sporting the cowboy get-up is the fourth.  I’ve also got a photo of all seven available online.

I’ve been doing this Web Site thing for quite awhile now.   So from here you can wander around the tracks and trails I’ve left in cyberspace; up in the cloud you’ll find...

Some Recent Photos

  1. 1.Ken and Emerson

  2. 2.Noah

  3. 3.Ken, Carolyn and friends at Arrow graduation

More introductory stuff...


  1. 1.Family stuff on my blog

  2. 2.My weekly essay for leaders called LeaderFOCUS

  3. 3.My commitment to GLOBAL FREEDOM

  4. 4.More random thoughts, unplugged.

  5. 5.Our connection to History on the Move and the Museum of Biblical and Sacred Writings

  6. 6.Favorite Links - including family blog sites.